Here you will find answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions.

Liability insurance provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage (including injury to animals ) that can arise.
Dishonesty bond protects customers from loss as a result of theft.
Yes, Green Apple Dog is fully bonded and insured. We have the maximum coverage available. Documentation is available upon request.
We have a tracking system that notifies you we are in and out of your home which also includes a trail of where each walk took place.
We provide both. Some customers want private care for their dog(s) and others want their dogs grouped for socialization. We can accommodate whichever the client prefers. The maximum amount of dogs grouped at a single time is 4. Aggressive dogs are not eligible for group walks.
Yes, as long as the dog(s) pose no threat to the dog walker. We take careful and safe measures when walking aggressive dogs.
We do not because of safety and liability concerns. Furthermore, dogs that are not neutered/spayed are not eligible for out boring service.
We accept Cash, Check, and the following Credit Cards: MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.
Rates can be viewed in the services section of this website.
To be efficient we try to keep the same dog walker on the same route. If your regular dog walker cannot make it for whatever reason then we would have to send in substitute. If that is the case then you will be notified before hand before anyone is sent into your home.
Absolutely, we welcome it and can schedule a time where we can all meet and get acquainted. No one will be let into your home without your consent.
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